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If you're touring newer additions looking for new construction, having an experienced agent on your team is vital. We will help you navigate the myriad of new homes today to make an offer on the one that's right for your family.

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In real estate, you can always negotiate. However, with new construction, it depends on the developer and how long the home has been on the market. Developers in new additions avoid bending on price because owners of existing homes in the area expect new construction to be comparably priced to what they already purchased. (You'll appreciate that same courtesy if there are undeveloped lots near the home you eventually purchase!) But, depending on how far along the project is and current market conditions, developers have been known to allow a few concessions.

For example, if a home has been on the market a while and the builder has a lot invested in it, then you have some room. The same goes for show or model homes that have been sitting for a while. However, if a home was recently finished, it's unlikely you'll get a deal.

You can always ask for assistance in other ways when purchasing new construction. For example, closing costs are one way for you to save without lowering the price of the house. The same goes for amenities - ask for things like an allowance for window treatments, a garage door opener, a sprinkler system or landscaping, or an extended home warranty. That can go the other way around, too. If upgrades are already in the plan, try to get the builder to remove them - you might be able to install them later yourself for less.

Realize that just because a house is brand new doesn't mean that it is immune from needing repairs. Be sure to get a home inspection before you close so that issues identified can be addressed. Be sure to negotiate a home warranty. 

Finding you a new home that meets your family's needs and matches your budget will be our #1 goal. Give us a call at (615) 410-4300 to begin the search for your new home today.

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